K1 Tank

Simulation 1994 Dos Taff System War Tank sim

Mission based tank shooter/strategy game; not that good...

In K1 Tank you will not care as much about simulation, genuineness, or about the fact that the tank models are very similar to the tanks of the WWI. Instead what you will mostly love about it will be your direct first person involvement in taking your tank from point A to point B and trying to make the most out of your targeting. It looks alright this game, it's got that early days 3D look, with environments that are pretty barren and that are pretty unsubstantial, but, they somehow manage to look/offer you just enough diversity to seem alright. Also, what K1 Tank is going to do is immerse you in missions that are a bit on the repetitive side. You will have to hunt other tanks, you will have to make your way to different map objectives and then proceed to destroying the targets there or get involved with some other similar kind if interaction. There's nothing spectacular about K1 Tank, but nothing altogether disappointing either. It's just a representative of a slow paced tank shooting game, which is just outdated and easily replaced by newer experiences. So, rather go for another tank game, unless, of course, the oldschool values that K1 Tank offers is what you seek.

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