Secret Service: In Harm's Way

Action 2001 Windows Activision First Person Third Person

A proof that Romanians can create memorable and great games!

Secret Service: In Harm's Way is a 2001 first person shooter game, the second game by the Romanian company FUN labs, popular for their hunting games. Secret Service involves tactical elements. The players take the role of a bodyguard, that commands and executes various Secret Service operations. I can say that this game contains all the technical aspects that attract the attention of the FPS fans: the design, graphics engine, the gameplay, the action, the story, are all engaging. In the singleplayer mode, you will compete intensely and take part of the action that unravels according to the story. You shouldn't have worries regarding the interface, because it's easy to follow and to get used to. There are 3 difficulty modes, but I found out that even if you play the easy mode, your arabic enemies are proving their high intelligence, making your job hard. They are paying attention to everything, and if something seems suspect to them, they won't hesitate too long before doing their research. As soon as the alarm is activated, detecting you, you won't have many chances to survive their attacks. But using your tactics properly, the survival is assured. The tactical elements stay in the numerous and various means/tools to distract your enemies, that can be found during the gameplay. This game is a real valuable proof that Romanians can create videogames, even memorable ones!

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