Mobile Forces

Action 2002 Windows Majesco Sales First Person Third Person Shooter Tactical Indie Strategy Casual

Modern military blasting

Mobile Forces is a pretty decent entry into the modern multiplayer shooter genre, feeling a bit like the Battlefield series, thanks to the inclusion of vehicles to spice things up. There is a sort of single player campaign included here but it's not exactly a story-led one, and instead sees the player taking on a series of tasks using each of the multiplayer modes, taking on bots and working with them to accumulate points, whereby the next map is unlocked. However, it's the multiplayer section which is the main attraction in Mobile Forces and here it scores pretty highly, thus making it well worth cehcking out if you're after something new. There are eight main gameplay modes here, including the usual deathmatch and capture the flag variants as well as some more unusual ones like Safecracker and Detonation, which make for some nice variation. You also have eleven maps to choose from and which are again quite varied in terms of both size and environmental types. You also have the standard array of modern weapons, like assault rifles and shotguns, to choose from, while four vehicles are also included, including buggies and APCs, from which you can provide mobile fire support or simply use to zip around the maps. Mobile Forces doesn't offer anything particularly new, but what it does offer, it does extremely well. The shooting is rarely less than tight and fcussed, with matches providing the right level of excitement and tactics. The addition of vehicles is a nice one, and although it's not as extensive as Battlefield, they're still a lot of fun, something which could be said of the game on the whole. If you do enjoy a good military shooter, this one is well worth a look.

Team-based game

Released in 2002 by Rage Software, Mobile Forces is a first-person shooter where team work is pretty much essential. The game has similarities with other games, such one of the Battlefield games. Mobile Forces can be played both offline and online with friends, but the multiplayer part is where the game shines. It offers many game modes, some of which we are all used to, such as Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, Capture the Flag etc, while there are other modes which teamwork is essential, like Holdout (Domination), where you to need to conquer some checkpoints and protect for a period of time from the enemy team. Even though this is an FPS game, driving around vehicles is possible, making the game more entertaining. A military squad level game that deserve your attention.

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