Battleground 5: Antietam

Strategy 1996 Windows Empire Interactive Historical Turn based Isometric

A worth playing war strategy game

It is a war strategy game which is an installment to a lengthy series and involves both turn based and isometric view elements. The plot in the game is like the typical war strategy game where your main goal or mission is to manage and built your units in the war scenarios and to advance them to conquer and gain more and more areas. Starting with the gameplay, as said earlier the game is not linear and nor it is a real time strategy. It is a turn based game which is also played from an isometric view. The units that you have in the game can be customized and can be moved through a very good user interface which facilitates a fine gameplay. Apart from the main goal, your other goal is to use your resources effectively and do not waste them. The game is not good in terms of the replay value because it is a bit short in the variety. Though there are 25 different battle scenarios but still it lacked a bit to my liking. The graphics are however fine and the A1 is good for a tough strategy game. Games like Knights of the Cross are much better.

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