Battleground 9: Chickamauga

Strategy 1999 Windows TalonSoft Historical Turn based Isometric

Chicka what now?

It's hard to believe that the Battleground series made it to nine games, plus collections, considering that they're all pretty much the same, with only variations in setting and the occasional tweak to the mechanics to separate them. The series has seen some ups and downs, with Napoleon in Russia being the worst and Waterloo the best, but Chickamauga takes the franchise out on a note which is neither particularly high nor especially low. It's a distinctly average offering that hardcore historical strategy buffs will enjoy, but which everyone else is likely to find a bit dull. This one is another entry in the American Civil War set of games in the series, and offers up various scenarios based around the struggles at Chickimauga Creek, using the familiar Battleground turn-based engine. There are a few tweaks to the mechanics here but it's mostly business as usual, with only the setting really changing and this is both a good and a bad thing. If you've played any Battleground game before, you're unlikely to find much in the way of challenge, as the AI hasn't really evolved much and gets quite predictable. The rest of things, including the interface and visuals are still solid enough, being accessible and uncluttered respectively, making this is a good bet, if one that is lacking a little in genuine excitement. The addition of the 'What if?' scenario editor is a wise one, as it allows you to tweak various settings to see what might have been, but overall this is a standard offering that provides little in the way of surprises.

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