The Operational Art of War Volume 1: 1939-1955

Strategy 1998 Windows Empire Interactive Historical World Wars Turn based

A turn based war game with a high potential

The Operational Art of War Volume 1: 1939-1955 is a new strategy game, a serious competitor to the best turn based war game, (in my vision, and I am sure many gamers agree with me). This game follows scenarios from the World War II, but also includes missions from other conflicts, such as the Korean War. It's admirable how TOAW stays devoted to the events and military campaigns those commanders coped with. As the strategy game fans were used to, in the early games, the army forces were poorly represented by some simple squares with numbers on them. But this time, the military forces are more complex, with specific weaponry, vehicles and troops. Your subordinates vary from new recruits that can barely use the weapons, to experienced and hardened soldiers. You have to make sure that your army is very well equipped, supplied and fed, because this will affect their state in the battlefield. You will notice immediately the huge amount of details found in the graphics, the environments, options and in the whole gameplay. You will witness a genuine and overall presentation of the WW2 battlefield, beyond weapons smoke, blood and storms. It will be a real pleasure to engage in the action of this game, because you will be convinced by its high quality and potential!

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