Bert the Snake

Puzzle 1983 Dos Dosbox Bill Piazza Arcade style

Bert without the Q, but with a similar build

Bert the Snake is a remix/remake of the classic Q Bert which is why it will be immediately playable; the classic build, with pyramids that need to be escalated, and with all sort of upgrades to collect, while the baddies chase you around on the scaffold like construction is the core of it. Graphically however, it is not as sweet a game as Q Bert was; the levels are produced in simple, magenta heavy lines that are a staple of the EGA graphics style. Also, Bert the Snake is thus a game that is much lower fidelity than the original arcade title, but it might be enjoyable still. That is so mostly because the controls work flawlessly, and, if you play it in DosBox you can be sure that it will run without glitches. Which not as straightforward a deal if, say, you're trying to MAME Q Bert, where issues might occur with the emulation. So, this Dos game might be it for you, when you want to try that hopping heavy classic that Q Bert brought forth. It's definitely a cool blend, and it has all the necessary elements you'd want to try. At any rate, Bert the Snake is cool, well built, and overall worthy of having in your collection.

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