Arcade 1984 Dos Epic Puzzle based Casual

A true arcade classic

This is a true classic of the arcades, a simple yet supremely addictive little action/puzzler which remains hugely enjoyable today. Similar in appeal to other legends like Pacman and Frogger, this is a must play or anyone interested in retro gaming or just likes good games. The goal of the game is pretty straightforward and requires players to leap their way around an isometric series of single-screen levels. In order to progress to the next level, it's necessary to turn all the individual tiles of each level from one colour to another, which is achieved by bouncing over them in turn. However, standing between you and this goal are several nasty little enemies, who are also jumping around everywhere and who have the occasional bad habit of turning tiles that you've already switched back to their original colour. There are several differnt enemies, each of which has different behaviour and which helps to really keep you on your toes. A handy pair of discs sit on the side of the screen and if you jump on one of these, it causes an enemy to fall of the level, giving you a nice respite from the danger. Q*Bert really is a true classic of the arcade scene. It's simple in concept but superb in execution and although there's little to it other than high score chasing, there's not denying it is extremely addictive stuff. It starts out fairly simple but the challenge soon ramps up, and it really is tough to tear yourself away once you get sucked in. The visuals are lovely, with both Q*Bert himself and his enemies having bags of personality so really if you're into this sort of experience, this needs to be played.

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