Agent USA

Puzzle 1984 Dos Dosbox Scholastic Education Arcade style

Defuzz ALL the people!

This game is perfect for kids since it teaches them about cities of the US, their location on the state map and what are the state capitals, and provides fun while doing it as well. So, your task as the Agent is to find and destroy the FuzzBomb, which is a creature that makes people into mindless zombies which wander aimlessly by touching them, and that can be transmitted to other people too. The only way to cure those people are diamonds which you use to touch the infected people, so they can be "defuzzed". By doing this, you travel from one city in the US to the other, and learn about time zones and the state geography. The game is really original in its premise and gameplay, I have honestly never seen anything like it. As with all simple puzzle games, this game is highly addictive, so I would keep an eye on my kid no to play too long, if I were you. Since this is a very old game, the graphics are very poor, a simple 16 color game. There are no sounds to speak of. Very simple, very addictive, very educational and very fun. Great game! And for other fun and educational games for kids, try Challenge of the Ancient Empires . Fun guaranteed.

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