Puzzle 1983 Dos Dosbox Atari Arcade style

Classic arcade action

DigDug is another arcade legend from the early years of gaming, which still retains its retro classic status and which provides some simple but supremely entertaining action. The game is a sort of action/puzzle game, along the lines of Bubble Bobble or Boulder Dash and requires players to eliminate underground monsters called Pookas and Fygars by making them explode or by slamming rocks on their heads. You carry an airpump to inflate these creatures, but if you stop halfway through blowing them up, they return to their normal size, so you need to make sure you have enough time to safely complete your task. Points are awarded for successfully taking down the monsters, with various bonuses available for knocking them out further down in the dirt, dropping rocks on their heads or for causing Fygars to explode horizontally, while fruits and vegetables also turn up every now and then which also boost your score. DigDug really is one of those classic arcade games which defined the industry back in its early days but fortunately remains incredibly enjoyable today. The one player mode is enjoyable enough but add in a second player and things become even more so. While the graphics and sound are fairly basic, although charming enough in that old school fashion, the simple gameplay has that elusive addictiveness and one-more-go quality that is the hallmark of a truly great game. It is perhaps not quite as fast-paced as it might be, which would make things even more manically enjoyable, but DigDug is definitely a classic from yesteryear that historians and retro fans alike will love.

A sturdy and still great to play puzzler

DigDug was initially released as an arcade game, where it managed to be successful. The success meant that it took the road of many other successful arcade games, it made an appearance on a range of home consoles as well as on the PC. The game puts you in the skin of a gardener character, a square-ish blob that has to keep the evil Pookas and Fygars away from his garden. This can be done in a simple way, because, as a gardener, you have your pump and you can shove it up your enemies mouths, or whatever other orifice you can find and pump them full of air until they explode out of existence. This leads to a cat and mouse like type of game, which might also feel like a puzzler since the order in which you attack each malevolent enemy will be very important in the game. Simplicity in the begging will coerce you to play, but later on you will be treated to a game that spares you not. So, if you're a fan of crazy little action puzzlers, try this one out. It's a true classic and its worth every minute you spend in it

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