Bicycle Holiday

Puzzle 1991 Dos SWFTE International Cards

Bridge, Cribbage, Poker and Solitaire from Bicycle software

Bicycle Holiday is a bundle containing 4 of Bicycle's games, some of which were released individually, such as Solitaire – Bicycle Solitaire, while others were specially produced for the bundle. So, the number of card games included are just 4, including as I mentioned in the title Bridge, which is also probably the weakest, mainly due to a not so smart AI, then you got Cribbage that works just fine, then the top mentioned Solitaire, that was released earlier as a solitary (sic!) game and last but not least, Poker, which, while well realized is nevertheless not the number one game to go to if you are a passionate digitized poker player, but nonetheless, it's not the worst out there either. So, 4 games, out of which Solitaire takes the cake production wise and then the other 3 work ok. Graphically and controls wise they behave similarly, as they are built on the same graphics engine, and if you like the Win 3.1 era, this package can be a good addition to the Solitaire that the OS had received in the bundle. But then again, it can be a hassle to fire Win 3.1 in DosBox and then install these darn games and then play them, so only the brave should give it a go!

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