Mille Bornes

Puzzle 1990 Dos Richard Tom Cards

Card game sim with a novel vehicular theme

Milles Bornes translates to a thousand tokens or milestones and is a little known card game originating in France. This DOS adaptation follows the rules of the game closely. It can be played in singleplayer, against the PC or you can play it in hot seat mode for 2, 3, 4, or even 6 players. The game simulates a car in traffic, and the many hurdles that a chauffeur will find himself/herself in. You will only be allowed to pass an intersection when there is a green light, obey speed limits, obey street signs etc. The car itself can run into trouble, with tires running flat, running out of gas. There are also other obstacles to take into consideration, which are controlled by players, and it is this particular mechanic that makes the game fun to play. The goal of the game is to reach your destination ahead of your competitors. The game is played turn based, and at its core it is a strategy game with a good dose of luck aiding or impending the players. But this isn't just a roll of the dice type game, you really need to think ahead and be prepared, so if you consider the game closely, the best player, not the luckiest is usually the winner. This is a great game to play socially, and you can use the DOS version to play a multiplayer game as well as to learn the rules of the game. Better still, buy the official cards and add another social game to your collection. Tabletop game enthusiasts as well as players of card games the likes of Magic: The Gathering will appreciate this weird little gem, though its simplicity will entice novices of the genre as well.

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