Bicycle Casino

Simulation 2001 Windows Microsoft Cards Casino

Authentic, serious and fully featured casino games bundle

In Bicycle Casino you'll get the following casino games: Poker, Blackjack, Roulette and Baccarat. Most of the games are great, well polished but in this suite I'd say that Blackjack and Poker play best, while the roulette and baccarat are not as carefully polished. So, why would you play them, absent any monetary involvement? Well, the game does a good job at ranking you, offering you info on your games and on your luck/abilities at each game. Thus, you can see how your games have improved (if they've improved, that is!) and generally, it's a great bundle to familiarize you with the way these games play, with their rules and everything else. It's a really well put together game, well polished, well done and, also a game that seems to have a good AI, at least for the poker games and black jack ones. Graphically, it's not too intensely labored; it's clean, having a bit of an antiseptic late DOS era look, which, for such games, is the best choice in my view. At any rate, play it, it sure is worth it if you want well put together casino classics. Alternatively, see Microsoft Casino, for a similarly serious, no thrills, but well produced casino games bundle.

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