Big Mutha Truckers

Action 2002 Windows Akella First Person Driving

Honk honk!

Big Mutha Truckers might not be quite in the same league as classic racers like Outrun and Power Drift, but if you want a bit of silly, old-fashioned driving fun that doesn't take itself too seriously, then this is a solid choice. It score a few points by being a little different from your typical racer as well as the healthy dose of humor that's on display so if that sounds like your cup of tea, then check it out. There's a bit of storyline here, with good old Ma Jackson, owner of a trucking company, about to retire and who tells her children that whoever makes the most money from trucking in the next 60 days will be the new owner. You can choose from one of four characters to play as, each of whom plays slightly differently. The main focus is on driving various goods from one city to another. Once in a city you can haggle to sell your goods for a better price and buy new ones for the next stage. You can pick up tips from the locals as well as finding side missions which can earn you some extra cash. If your truck gets damaged along the way, you'll need to visit the garage to get it repaired while also stopping for fuel. Big Mutha Truckers is a long way from being a classic but it's got a strange sort of charm which does mean it's at least mildly entertaining for a while. Driving trucks is a bit more fun than you might imagine and the whole thing rattles along at a fairly decent pace. The humor is a welcome addition and helps the game stand out so if you are looking for something a little different, you might enjoy this.

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