Splinter Cell

Action 2002 Windows Aspyr Media First Person 3D action adventure Simulation Fighting action Stealth Infiltration Action adventure

Superb stealth 'em up

This first outing for the legendary secret agent, Sam Fisher, is a classic slice of videogaming that introduced many concepts to the stealth genre and remains an excellent experience today. Endorsed as the game is by author Tom Clancy, the plot is complex and involving, and features all the hi-tech gadgetry and underhand dealings of the espionage world that would be expected, and basically revolves around Fisher's efforts to avoid World War III. Gameplay-wise, Splinter Cell unfolds via third-person perspective, with a great emphasis on stealth rather than all-out action, much like its rival, Metal Gear Solid. One of the game's early innovations was its emphasis on light and dark, encouraging players to remain in the shadows and providing them with a light meter to keep track of how visible they are. Fisher is also comparatively lightly armed, with only limited ammo and guns, thus forcing players to consider their actions carefully. Enemies are smart, reacting quickly to even the slightest sound but fortunately a wide array of moves are available to Fisher which allow him to remain hidden and which really add to the game's mood. This really is a classic of the stealth genre, with superb graphics and sound, a gripping plot and gameplay that shines due to the care and attention that has gone into its design. Check out the sequels, Pandora Tomorrow and Chaos Theory, for more great stealth action.

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