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The definitive sprite based racer!

Outrun is one of the best sprite based racing games ever, developed initially for the arcade machines, with, at times intricate cockpits that would move and vibrate, putting you in a really race like environment. The DOS version of the game, while lighter, and not as fast, was still a very good conversion of the original. The beauty of Outrun is that it is both a fast and twitch response racer, while at the same time being a feel good racer, one where you can just relax and play at your leisure. Small details such as your pilot having his hair move in the breeze, at high speeds, give this game a bohemian air that is unlike anything else out there. Thus, with great graphics, well crafted tracks with great side views and a very easy to control, very responsive set of controls, you can really sink into this one. Plus, later games in the series would come, just as this one to become staples of arcade racing gaming, as well as get a certain following that few games ever had. Similarly, you should also download Lotus, another good sprite based racer.

A very thrilling racing game

Classic Outrun is an arcade style racing game which involves some real good racing action. You will have a Ferrari which you will drive on various terrains and will go across different tracks that have their own turns and angles. The game is viewed form either the top or from the back of the car and both views have been well designed and executed so that the player can really feel the racing action. In terms of the backgrounds, the tracks are quite unique and have their own set of obstacles and curves which become challenging as you advance on in levels. The prime feature which gamers look out in such games is the controls and this game answers the call well as it really has some smooth motion controls which allows you to race effectively and easily. The AI is very competitive and the multiplayer option is also good. The animations have been executed to perfection and the game has a very good replay value. It's not a top notch game to have but surely has the element which can keep you interested all the time. The racing sounds are also fabulous and so is the UI which is easy. Arcade style game Turbo Car is good alternate to Outrun for the ones who liked it.

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