Power Drift

Racing 1989 Dos Dosbox Activision Humorous Go Kart

Daft racer, 16bit front scrolling sprite style

Power Drift is a racer in the same vein as Mario kart, for instance, but instead of Nintendo's clean and family friendly characters, this one is inhabited by all sort of punk characters, the kind of Mad max bad asses that were cool I the early 90s and late 80s! But is the game any good? Yep, actually it's a really engaging, if a little funny and plain stupid game at times! It's not for simulation loving folk, but for those that don't mind a game that doesn't take itself dead serious, and so features absolutely wacky and unbelievable collisions and other such sprite based nonsense. The graphics are alright; certainly, there is a bit of a disconnect between the backgrounds which are just a little too detailed compared to the tracks and cars which are all a lot more pixilated. And, so, nope, this is not for people who like crisp graphics, for nitpickers, this is a racer for those looking for a punk attitude game, that is fun but that never takes itself too seriously. Compared to, say, Goofy GoKart is a bit more edgy, but it's basically the same kind of deal.

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