Black Dahlia

Adventure 1998 Windows Interplay Myth and legend Mystery Horror

1940's Supernatural Nazi horror adventure

Black Dahlia is an impressive horror based interactive point and click adventure game. The original 1998 Take-Two Interactive game comprised of a total of 8 CD's! The game plays similar to Zork Nemesis and Myst crossed with an interactive movie game like Night Trap. You play as a detective, Agent Pearson set in the 1940's during the Nazi wartime. The game is loosely based around the real life "Black Dhalia" murder and the "Cleveland Torso Murderer" that were famous unsolved crimes around that era. The game starts with murder mystery, suspense and conspiracy, however sadly moves away from that genre into weird supernatural and occult themes, that don't seem to make any sense. Black Dahlia did actually have some big name well-known Hollywood actors, like Dennis Hopper and the acting is actually pretty good. Unfortunately the storyline really does fail, when it starts to go off into supernatural themes. I was really interested playing this game, until it became too confusing, to follow. The puzzles are also fairly straight forward throughout the game, but can become a bit repetitive. The game also has a lot of unnecessary gore and the ending is really, really weird with two alternate endings, one of them being you become the Hitler of America. The game had so much potential; if there were more variations in the puzzles and a bit more straightforward storyline, however it is still worth a play.

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