Night Trap

Adventure 1992 Dos Dosbox Digital Pictures Horror Movie style Thriller

A unique movie style adventure game

It is a movie styled adventure based and horror based game which has a very unique and interesting theme. The plot here is that you will play as the protector of 5 girls who will be doing all the protection stuff through surveillance of their home and by setting traps and obstacles for intruders. There is a good variety of different rooms in the mansion where the girls are living and you have your cameras set up in almost all the rooms. You will need to be very good with your reflexes because many things will be happening at a time. Like for instance you are setting traps for the black person in one room and you see something going on in the other room. You will set traps for the black persons through different codes which keep on changing and you have to hear them out through the conversation and remember them as you play the game. The action and the happenings in the game are real time so this requires you to be quick in your decisions and effective in your strategy. The graphics in the game are below average and the controls and the UI is ok. Escape from the Haunted House is another similar theme but with a different gameplay.

Interactive movie classic

Haven't you always wished that you would like to have a movie where you could interact with the environment or other characters? In my opinion, this would be a dumb idea, because even with today's technology we cannot this kind of interactive movie. But somehow it seems that Sega has made a game out of this and result is Night Trap. While some consider it to be somewhat of a bad game, I have personally it and think that this kind of games could have a bright future (in the hands of the right developers). A group of 5 girls are staying at the Marin's residence and is your job as a SCAT (Sega Control Attack Team) operative to protect these girls with the help of the house's surveillance system and traps. The game always uses video, badly pixelated ones to be honest, so there's not much interactivity. In terms of gameplay, you must watch all the rooms in the house and use traps to capture men in black costumes, which I don't really know. The traps only work when you put in the right code, because every now and then the code will be changed and you to listen to conversations to know which is the right code. Everything in the game happens in real time, like when you're watching the bedroom, there might be 2 or 3 enemies in the bathroom or a conversation can take place in a different room. This game requires good reflexes and memory, because if you don't act quickly, you might miss a few baddies. The "death" scenes (yeah I put the word in quotes because you're not the one who dies) are funny and somehow increases the replay value because you would want to see all of them. The game pretty much reminds of Double Switch, if not, these two games are very similar. In conclusion, Night Trap is a good start for the interactive movie genre and maybe year later, more games of the genre would be made.

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