Black Mirror

Adventure 2003 Windows Akella Mystery Thriller Action Point and click Horror Violent

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Inspired adventure game, telling a bleak mystery story

Mistakenly, when I first played this game I thought it was a continuation or just a spinoff in the Broken Sword series but in fact, it was just me, being confused. Though, one of the later games in the series, one that does away with the oldschool, hand drawn world and goes deep into static 3D prerendered levels sort of looks like The Black Mirror! But then again, it's a small world, and maybe this game got inspired by that series. At any rate, within The Black Mirror you will be endeavoring to find out how a relative of yours (Samuel Gordon in the game) died. The game is mostly set in this luxurious British mansion, though there is enough action outside of it as well. The atmosphere is extremely bleak, but exciting nevertheless, which kind of makes this game a great adventure, point and click style for those that love macabre looking, gothic styled spaces. At any rate, the game is just the first in the series, so don't expect to get to the end of the loom when you've finished the game (which is quite meaty by today's episodic standards!) but frankly you will not notice the passage of time as much, as this is the kind of game that really grown on you, and also, it's pretty mature, never managing to soil the plot with silly, gamey stuff (like in that joke, where the criminal was the shoe, hehe!). a mature game though, so make sure you're familiar with darker games or movies!

3D adventure game

The Black Mirror is an adventure in 3D hich takes place in England. Samuel Gordon, the main character returns after 12 years to his birth place, the castle of Black Mirror because his relative William Gordon died. All believ it is suicide but Sam does not believe in this and begins to investigate on his own. He gets deeper and deeper in dark secrets and an ancient curse that lies on his family.Black Mirror is a classic Point and Click Adventure with new 3D technology. The charakters are rendered perfectly, the surroundings and backrounds very detailed and living. The gameplay is easy as you just need to click on a thing and if Sam needs it he takes it. You will visit a lot of dark and mysterious places and after the second chapter you may also die so you have to save your game often. But the 50 hours that I needed to get to the end were worth it.

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