Black Sect

Adventure 1993 Dos Dosbox Lankhor Mystery Thriller

Thriller adventure focused on the wrongdoings of an evil sect

Black Sect is a thriller adventure game, in which you will be tasked with infiltrating the ranks of a sect that wields black magic and has a really nefarious agenda. Thus, you will have to always protect your cover and try not to disclose what you are really up to, trying to find out what their plans are, and what they want to do with their power. The game is quite capable when it come creating a very menacing atmosphere, never really knowing if your cover is compromised or not. Thus, the tension can build itself quite a lot, as you'll always second guess some of your conversation options, and so forth. Yap, the writing is quite good. Not so good however are some of the puzzles which are wither compromised from the beginning or just nonsensical. But that doesn't happen a lot, as most of the times you will be facing simpler ones, so simple in fact that they lack any challenge. Anyway, Black Sect gets the story and the pacing right, so I guess the puzzles can be excused at times. Anyway, for a game imbued with the same kind of black conspiracy menace, though a bit brighter in tone overall, you might want to try out Broken Sword: Director's Cut, a classic that is easier to sink into controls wise, as your mouse is the only thing you need to play it.

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