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Fast paced sidescroller; oozes Sonic!

Blitz, or Blitz Try as it also was known as, is a twitch, fast paced sidescroller, set in these very SEGA looking levels, with loads of traps, enemies, but also with loads of trinkets to collect; rings, starts, and so on. You have to race fast, know what you're looking to get done, get the game to play as a fast twitch one, in which you play so as to get the most points, or just go for the fastest time. It's well done, graphically, as I said, reminiscent of the color palette and the kind of builds that were seen in games that came from SEGA, for the home consoles that they produced. The game had quite a fel levels to race through, and all in all, the diversity of all of them was not really that high, but then again, when you are racing at full speed, you don't really notice that the very same tiles are used again and again and again! Compared to Sonic, from which it borrows the idea and the production build, I'd say the game stands pretty tall, but no matter what, Blitz is well produced and has all the elements that you'd want to sink into. More than anything, Blitz is a pretty fascinating production, one that has all the elements that you'd want to have a go at. So, let it have a place next to your Sonic game of choice, and it will do a good job.

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