Battle Chess for Windows

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A fantastic chess game variation for Windows

Battle Chess for Windows is a great recreation of the classic game from the late eighties, called Battle Chess. The game is basically identical, and the only difference is that the game is now playable for Windows users on the PC computer, and today's players might need to tweak the game to play, using an virtual PC machine with Windows 3.X or higher or an old game DOS emulator, like Dosbox. The game is a fantastic way to make players who don't like chess fall in love with it, for its great animation and fantastic computer AI that will make even the best of chess players break a sweat playing. It's absolutely outstanding to see the pieces move like in a real battlefield, with knights jumping, pawns piercing and much more. All of that is followed by great music that really adds to the gaming experience. The choice of multiple viewing perspectives also helps a real lot. If you like chess, you will fall in love with the game instantly, and if you find the game to imaginative and dry, you will definitely like the game for it's fantastic graphics, superb cool animation and lots of fun and challenge. If you want another Battle Chess like, try Star Wars Chess, a chess game that is played by Star War characters instead of your standard chess pieces.

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