Goto Dames

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Oldie, Win 3.1 version of your classic checkers

I guess the appeal of this game will be the very old interface it is built inside of, meant to look seamless in Win 3.1, the advanced for its age installation of windows of yore! (Here's a secret, you can install win 3.1 inside Dos Box, so you don't have to source an early PC or use some other more complicated emulation technique. It's fairly easy to do, so just Google it) If you know how to play checkers and, for some reason need to familiarize yourself with the French terms, this is the way to go. Other than that, well, it's a complete feature type deal, it's got a tutorial (better know French!) it's got help and it's got a good amount of AI players to go against. Graphically, it's not that bad, and if you're going to this effort to play it, given that it takes installing it inside Win 3.1, well, I guess you know what to expect. So enjoy, or, if you changed your mind and want an English version, try Argo Checkers, really well realized, colorful and yet classy nonetheless. It goes to show that these classic games never go out of style!

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