Crazy Nick's Picks: King Graham's Board Game Challenge

Simulation 1993 Dos Sierra On-Line Board games Chess

Checkers and Backgammon; well done

This game, Crazy Nick's Picks: King Graham's Board Game Challenge, while having a long and twisty name is nothing more than a bundle containing two different board and parlor games: checkers and backgammon. They are both well made, with different skill level settings, and, with a surprise Ai player, very tough to beat, King Graham himself, from the King's Quest adventure series! Thus, if you were a geek falling all over yourself with that series, and haven't had enough of that character, you can thus challenge him to a game of checkers or backgammon, and, most probably get defeated! Nonetheless, both the games are great graphically, with cool looking boards and tooltips if you want them, and an atmosphere that is definitely tinged with a bit of that King's Quest vibe and appeal, you know, the kind of fantasy vibe that the series had. Other than that, it's straightforward to control, well polished, and, overall, a great game for beginners, for those with lots more experience and even for advanced players. Alternatively, download Argo Checkers for a similar looking checkers game, and Backgammon Professional for a standalone backgammon game.

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