Blitzkrieg Anthology

Strategy 2005 Windows CDV Organized forces Real time War Historical

Includes the original plus three expansion packs

This collection contains the original Blitzkrieg as well as three highly rated addons/expansion packs: Burning Horizon, Rolling Thunder and iron Division. Thus, with these three, the game's mission count goes beyond 150, making this RTS a very meaty one. As you'd expect, the game is a WWI themed RTS, and it includes missions from the Soviets, the Germans, and the western allied forces. In terms of diversity of scenarios and units, you won't be disappointed. There are over 250 units in the game, split between all of these factions. Also, while not including any over the water/on water missions, there are however planes that can be used in the game, which without mentioning the tanks, the foot soldiers and artillery pieces, stationary or otherwise. Overall, great diversity, phenomenal 2D top down maps, replayability at over the top levels and a really inspired game. My alternative to it? Well, graphically, it mostly reminds me of Commandos 2, though of course this is a puzzler/stealth/tactics type of thing, though both share the same WWI setting.

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