Axis & Allies

Strategy 2004 Windows Atari Real time War

World War 2 Flavored RTS and TBS

In Axis and Allies you can choose to play both RTS as well as TBS games, but the real time strategy portion is the bigger one. It is this RTS portion that provides most of the content of the game, the WWII campaign and more. In terms of what the game offers in terms of the campaign, the real time one, it can be said that Axis and Allies had furthered the genre a lot. First and foremost, the game has a very intricate AI, which means that the enemies actually can put on a fight and can stand their ground really well. Whether you play the medium or hard difficulty mode, the game doesn't cheat, it does not use tricks to get a hold of you. No, it actually makes use of higher level tactics, combining ground and air units to create a synergistic attack, the higher the level you're playing is. So, ultimately, the game allows you to think strategically, no matter which side you are on, to actually develop your approach rather than focus on overpowering attacks. The TBS portion will remind you mostly of the Kohan Series, as the TimeGate producers worked on both game series. So, all things considered, Axis and Allies is a really stepping stone in the RTS genre, and a really well produced game, one that will undoubtedly offer you hours upon hours of fun.

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