American Conquest: Fight Back

Strategy 2003 Windows CDV Historical Organized forces Real time

Up to 16 thousand units on screen at any one time!

Here's a game that can really go crazy when it comes to the depth of the tactical portion of its skirmishes! 16 thousand units on screen as a maximum amount is a lot, and you'll really feel like a crazy powerful strategist with all that power at your fingertips. But is that enough really to make an RTS really worth going into? I mean, look at the Cossacks series, the later games in the series could allow you to play with as much as 64 thousand units onscreen, (and later modifications could raise that amount even more, making the game a ridiculous and almost unplayable display of forces. Nope, I've got to give it to American Conquest: Fight Back, the game packs more than just an overblown, ridiculous high number of units. It also has a nice, well balanced feel to it, graphics that are within the limits of what a 2D engine could conjure, well done, very detailed, and battle mechanics as well as controls that are as sharp as you would desire. Thus, you will be able to sink deep into its tactics based on formations, into timed and skillful attacks and retreats, all that beautiful stuff that makes an RTS worth trying out. Give it a try, and don't forget that GOG has a bundle containing the second game in the series along with the first, making it a breeze to install and sink into.

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