Block CAD

Puzzle 2002 Windows Education Arts

A construction program with LEGO like blocks

Block CAD, as the name suggest, is a simplified CAD (computer aided design) program that allows you to build all sort of structures, houses, cathedrals, and so on, starting with small LEGO like blocks. I'm using the term LEGO loosely because the plastic brick producing company has very little to do with this game, except that instead of having a very granular, endless set of possibilities, this game's/software suite/edutainment bundle smallest unit is the brick. But that doesn't end up taking away from it, in fact, as far as coming up with simple yet nice building designs, you'd be hard pressed to find a better educational tool than this one. There are, of course, all sort of block designs, so don't think this one has only got the brick shaped ones. Nope, it has all sort of other ones, and you can end up building very different kind of things with it, so that you end up getting so many more different things done, as you should. So, overall, Block CAD is great if you want to build a child's love for design, architecture and so on. And, Block CAD will deliver every time. Similarly, for game design, download Adventure Game Studio, if interactive design is also on your mind of your child's.

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