A Jack Kerouac Romnibus

Puzzle 1995 Windows Penguin Electronic Education Arts

The Dharma Bums novel enhanced with multimedia

This is an interactive CD as they used to make them, and its centerpiece is Kerouac's novel The Dharma Bums, a central piece of beat literature. So, why read it in this form and not paperback? Well, what this interactive CD does is add vides, add pictures and add a few other extras, while never stepping on its own toes. Nope, A Jack Kerouac Romnibus is a package that enhances the reading experience but maintains to stay out of its way. Sure, if you are one of those technology critics, that will mostly look at the Win 95 like plastic interface elements and not manage to see past them, it might not be the best way to go through this work. However, if you can analyze it without tripping yourself on the way it aged (quite well, actually!) you can get a bit more out of it than from your regular novel reading. So, with that said, A Jack Kerouac Romnibus is a CD of a novel of a great beat poet of a generation that is worth remembering and learning about and thus, I urge you: don't criticize it for the form, internalize it for the content. It's worth it. And remember the good old days when you could browse Encarta without feeling the need to base your judgment on the interface limitation it imposed!

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