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Literary CD Rom based on Shakespeare`s Macbeth; great production

The lost art of interactive CDs has had its ups and down, but when the planets align, and when the authors really liked their work, true playful and informative products could emerge, that game you a new lease of understanding on painters, writers, poets, and so on. In fact Macbeth is a really satisfying and well done digital book, with lots of informative materials, also with notes (more than 1500 notes, more or less! Wow!) that will really put Macbeth on the map for you. Also, there are over 25.000 words that are hyperlinked so you will definitely have no issues understanding the play, on all levels. Also, sequences from the Orwell, Polanski and Akira Kurosava versions of Macbeth are included, so, if you're not too imaginative, these movies will better paint you a picture of what Macbeth is all about. The company which produced this CD Rom, has had quite a few other cool products up their sleeve, but for Shakespeare enthusiasts, students or for those that have looked to read Macbeth but have been taken aback by the language, now the play is totally in your hands. So download Macbeth, and Shakespeare's secrets will be yours entirely.

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