Wild Learning Safari

Puzzle 1992 Dos Dosbox Compton's NewMedia Education Arts

Animal colouring fun

It's when the evenings draw in and the kids need something to keep them entertained, that parents start to look around for edutainment titles and while the likes of Headline Harry and The Great Paper Raceheadline-harry-and-the-great-paper-raceWhere in the U.S.A. is Carmen Sandiego?where-in-the-usa-is-carmen-sandiegoElectric Crayon Deluxe: At the Zoo#electric-crayon-deluxe-at-the-zoo#, and which is based around wildlife but which unfortunately doesn't really include any educational elements about the animals themselves, which is slightly disappointing. Instead, kids have a reasonable selection of animal scenes to choose from which are then coloured in using the simple interface (automatically if you're feeling particularly lazy). The animals can then be animated to a certain limited extent while extra details like plants and smaller animals can be added to give your masterpiece even more flavour and artistic style. You can even add annotations to the screen for the finishing touch. Wild Learning Safari is undoubtedly simple stuff but considering its target audience, this is entirely understandable and when thought of in terms of its market, it can be seen as a success. There are enough scenes included to keep the little ones colouring away for some time, with the animals rendered in undeniably charming fashion and which helps to boost the game's appeal. While the inclusion of more overtly educational elements would have been appreciated, it can't really be considered a major omission so if you're after a computer-based colouring book, this one ticks the boxes.

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