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So much violence it's funny

Blood is an extremely violent game, a hidden gem in the horror first person genre, that is often unheard of by gamers. The game has similar style gameplay to the Quake gameplay engine . It's over the top violence makes the game humorous but a game for mature audiences. It has a lot of weapons, with a new feature in FPS 3D gaming, the ability to fire weapons with a secondary fire option like in Unreal Tournament. The ideas behind the weapons are really funny like a voodoo doll that kills enemies, yet will hurt you if there is no enemy around for it to be used on. The games plot is relatively simple, you are trying to escape a cult and hell bent on revenge, or something to that similar storyline, the games plot is fairly non existent as the gameplay is mainly focused on action. The enemies often act like zombies or simply are zombies and are tightly grouped together, so a well placed stick of dynamite or an explosive weapon will send body parts flying. When I mention your enemies and body parts go flying, I mean literally all over the map. It is so over the top violent, I have no idea how this game got past the censors or is not more well known. The game is quite lengthy with many hours of gameplay without having to repeat areas, the graphics are good, the layout is interesting and creepy. The multiplayer is good but was not used much, mainly due to the lack internet for it's era. Overall an excellent game. I believe this game is slowly achieving the recognition it deserves thanks to the internet and I believe there are even projects in the works to re-create the game for modern computers.

One Of The Best FPS's Ever

I've beat this one countless times...well, for me, I loved the game so much I paid $40 for the entire thing (the original, the plasma pack and the cryptic passage add-on) last year, many years after it's release. Even the graphics are acceptable (not great but a lot of the new one's aren't as smooth) by today's standards. While the graphics may be dated by today's standards, where else can you use a shotgun to blast of a zombie's head then spend the next couple of minutes kicking it around. Shoot a flare gun (with the alternative shot) into someone and then they burst into flames and try and "give you a great big hug" until they "arggg" lol. Even the one line from Evil Dead "I'll swallow your soul" is good for a laugh. I still play it to this day (I find it works better under DOSBox) and have hours of fun. I don't find that the 2nd one has this one's magic so stick with this one and enjoy hours of fun. So enjoy, grab your pitch fork and take a stab at this game...

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