Alien Trilogy

Action 1996 Dos Dosbox Acclaim Shooter Horror

Ripley's journey 1, 2 and 3!

Alien Trilogy contains all three of the games inspired by the eponymous movie series Alien, and is a must play for those that love first person shooters, as well as the world of the Alien movies, with its dark, twisted build and with its dark construction. It's overall, a pretty interesting mix of both graphical and gameplay ideas, and, from the first game to the third you can see the graphical update, the builds getting better and more interesting. Overall, Alien 1 is the best in terms of construction and level design, probably because it the developers had really a lot to lose if the game wasn't commercially successful. The sequels, while updated graphically and at times even easier to play, don't feel like the developers struggled to create something extraordinary, but the gameplay still is pretty high marks and pretty well developed. So, overall, Alien Trilogy is a beautiful trilogy, which, for the movie series fans as well as for the fans of the books, will definitely be a beautiful experience. There really isn't any other games' trilogy to share the same beautiful construction, and the dark, scary predatory aliens theme. Yes, with Painkiller you get sort of the same dark vibe, but it's more of a shooting gallery game, but both series are just great, overall!

Scary, but nothing more

Alien Trilogy is a first-person shooter game based on the Alien movies, released in 1996 by Acclaim Entertainment. Well, this game annoyed me a lot, and impeded me to enjoy it. The aliens I had to defeat were faster than me, your weapons are useless, and you don't have an aim point when you shoot. Totally frustrating! So, you basically shoot randomly, and this lead to a massive loss of munition. Wow, the producers were very "inspired ", what can I say. The only salvation is represented by the use of cheat codes, especially those for Unlimited Ammo. The weapons used in the game are: a 9mm automatic, a shotgun, flame-thrower, pulse rifle, smart gun. The levels reside in collecting items, blowing roadblocks, basically exploring and killing the hideous creatures: facehuggers, alien queens, chestbursters, dog aliens. The saving is possible only between the levels, so spend your ammo carefully and take care not to be weighed down. The graphics are good, due to the detailed explosions, the bloody and splash effects in the process of killing the enemies. I admit that the empty and dark corridors scared the hell out of me, and I was surprised by the sudden appearances of the creatures from those areas. As a conclusion, I have a hint for you: when you are attacked by a facehugger just be careful not to shoot your brains out, haha!

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