Killing Time

Action 1995 Windows 3DO Company Horror Shooter Violent Gore Shooter action

Egyptian themed Doom like FPS

Killing Time is a very playable Doom like FPS, putting you on a journey to find the truth behind the disappearance of an Egyptology professor who went to explore some Egyptian landmarks and never came back. Right from the bat, the game shows itself interested in offering you a great ride, but nothing too fancy. This is shooting 101, with the occasional location based puzzle. Yeah, the game doesn't miss the opportunity to put you in some trap infested underground areas, where you need to dodge both enemies as well as trap doors and trap tiles on the floor. It reminded me of some of the levels of Serious Sam, but granted, Killing Time is like the abbreviated version of that, remember it runs on a similar engine as Doom. I loved the weapons though! You can use a Tommy gun, you can use a pistol; double wield pistols and lots of other cool weapons. Graphically, it's well done, at times even better than Doom, and with, mainly, challenges that have to do with enemy numbers than their intelligence! A great FPS nonetheless.

A DOOM game clone

Killing Time, is very close to being labelled a Doom clone. It is also very close and similar gameplay to the Quake game. The game is based around the first person view and the action/horror genre. You are limited to eight weapons throughout the game including some fairly cliche weapons such as a crowbar, pistol, shotgun, dual pistol, tommy gun, molotov and a gun that is very similar to the Thundergun, from the Call of Duty Black Ops' zombie game. Killing Time was originally intended to be only sold on the 3DO consoles however considering the market failure of the 3DO system, later releases were made of this game on Windows 95 and MAC to broaden the games' sales. Some of the problems with this game, apart from it pretty much being a DOOM rip off, is the close combat you end up being forced into. Often you are playing in very narrow rooms and hallways, which force you to lose damage when fighting enemies. A great game, especially for all the fans of first person shoot'em ups, but if you have not played DOOM yet, firstly give that game a try.

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