Arcade 1983 Amiga Hudson Shooter Item collection

The one and only.. Bomberman!

There are many clones and variations of this fabulous arcade game (such as the less popular Eggerland), but there is only one true Bomberman, and this is it. One of the most famous game in the arcade industry, Bomberman sports fabulous graphics, insanely addictive gameplay and a huge amount of levels that prolong your gaming experience for dozens of hours. The gameplay is by now very familiar - control the Bomberman through a huge maze that is filled with dangerous enemies, and all you have at your disposal are bombs. You have to carefully place your bombs and time their ignition for better performance. To get an even better job done, you also have special bonuses and weapon upgrades during the game, such as the Fire ability, which give a little extra to your boom. There are 50 levels, each with their own complicated mazes and enemies who get stronger the more you go. It is truly one of those games that are easy to learn but hard to master.The graphics are very nice and very nostalgic so you'll be having a great view as well as a great time. There is nothing more to say about this timeless classic - get going and get it!

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