Arcade 1984 Dos Cory Bruening Shooter

Top down shooter, from the early Commodore era!

It's hard to believe that Encounter was pretty much state of the art back when it came out! A shooter game, top down, with a whole load of things going on on screen at the same time: you controlled this shooting blob, which was meant to simulate an individual, seen from above, navigating the environment he was into. The other baddies or the hostages or just civilians too looked pretty much the same, simple straightforward looking simpletons, just an oval seen from above! But, as far as gameplay went, the game was fast, dynamic and really, really engaging. Each missions was a little different, some of them asked you to just shoot your way out of a building, others had larger environments, and, furthermore, some other areas were better played by trying to be stealthy, or, at the very least, try to hide in between shootouts. So, simple, old, but pretty fun, and pretty diverse too, the kind of game that is still cool to play today. And the DOS adaptation is as well produced as the original Commodore one, which makes for a really playable game. A good alternative can be Alien Shooter, which is like an evolved top down similar recipe.

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