Arcade 1991 Dos Vampire Vangeance Single screen Challenges Puzzle based

The first in the series of puzzlers

Say hello to yourself, Lolo, you blue spherical bulbous eyed character! This is your adventure (more like a puzzler in fact, but let's not get caught in details!) and know what you'll be tasked with doing while here: you will have to give yourself up to the whims of the player, who shall control you through the rooms. Don't worry, he can see you from above, and can control you from that perspective, so you can just close your eyes and trust The Player! You will find at times some Heart Framers which open jewel boxes when reached, and when all of them will be reached you will be free at last. Oh, no, not really, because your game is packed full of levels, so you'll have to wait until The Player gets bored. But, for the most part it can be fun, at least if you are lucky to meet a skillful player, who can guide you away from the nasty monsters. Yes, you can defend yourself, as you are endowed with a gun, oh, but the bullets are so scarce, only 2 per level, and only if your Player is capable of finding some of the special heart boxes. Well, that's about it, during your free time you can do whatever, but this will be your full time job! Oh, and you know whose job is similar to yours? Why of course, Gobman's. (Yes, yes, you are fun too, Pac Man, lookalike!)

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