Dyna Blaster

Arcade 1992 Dos Dosbox Hudson Soft Shooter Single screen

Blast them, hide; blast them again!

Dyna Blaster is a more graphically advanced upgrade of Bomberman, the definitive maze and bomber game; the same basic rules apply here too; each level consists of a maze of pylons, always at the same distance one form another. These turn the space into a checkered surfaced. Besides these indestructible elements there are also normal bricks that can be broken by placing a bomb in their vicinity. The maze is also crawling with baddies, baddies which need to be destroyed in their entirely in order for you to move to the next level; so this is your primary task, destroy the baddies by blasting them to smithereens. Secondly, you may want to get the upgrades that are included in the levels, which consist of timers, upgrades that raise the blast area of your bombs and, also, more bombs that you can place on the playing field. All you have to do is stay away from the blast area of your own bombs, and away from the baddies, and only then will you be able to succeed in bringing Dyna to the next, harder level!

PC version of the classic

This classic game is the PC conversion to the smash hit arcade game Bomberman, which made a huge fanbase over the years. Although the game's title has changed, it is still the same good old game. For those unfamiliar, Bomberman is about a cute little guy who has to use his bombs to destroy walls and other obstacles to get to the end of the level, but he can't get there if any of the enemies lurking are still standing. This game mixes puzzle and arcade elements, since you have to calculate where to put your bombs and also have to be careful not to get hit by your own weapon. The game's interface is very cool and simple, but simple is good. The main character is very cute, which makes the gameplay even more enjoyable. While simple, this game is very, very addictive. The colors are very tastefully arranged, and the game looks and plays very well, and the soundtrack is a very catchy tune that will make you hear bobbing to the sound while playing. You just have to try out this classic arcade game and find out why everybody in the whole world adores bomberman. Fun guaranteed!

Dyna blaster!

Here it is a very original game that is still a worth downloading and playing: Dynablaster. This arcade game starts with the classical kidnapping, just an excuse to start this great headbreaking game. You have bomb that you must use smartly to block your enemy it a determined time. It starts with easy level to give you the possibility to learn and then...

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