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The defuse-bombs supa-hero!

Bombjack is a sidescroller game, action oriented, in which you control a mightily superhero whose main goal is to defuse bombs! Yep, that is his specialty. Now, each level has a number of bombs scattered all around, some of them set to explode faster, others that will explode later on. Your goal is to find the right sequence to get to all of them until they explode. The levels have about 24 bombs, so they take a little while to figure out, but when you do, you will find that Bombjack has a certain puzzle feel to it, even if speed of action is still central to the game. There is jumping (leaping, rather) and there is classic Pac Man like going around, and thus this will also feel like a game that is a true arcader. So, overall, Bombjack is a playable, fun, timewaster, but it's certainly not a game for very long sessions. Rather have it installed in your Dos Box and return to it whenever you have a few minutes. Detail wise, however, it's very satisfying, graphically and otherwise. Plus, the added puzzles, the runs from monsters and the traps add flavor to the top down action, making it stand out really well.

A bombastic game

Bombjack is a platform game released in 1984 by Tehkan and is one of the most famous platform games in gaming history like Bomberman, another bomb related game. Jack is a superhero who can jump and slide and his speciality is defusing bombs. Unfortunately, somebody has planted 24 bombs in various locations and Jack has to simply collect them by jumping from platform to platform, all the while evading enemies that can kill him. Collecting bombs will increase the bonus meter at the top of the screen and when the meter is completely filled up, a circular bouncing ball with the letter P on it appears, and when you collect it, it will turn all the enemies into bonus coins for a short period during which Jack may collect them. While you are doing all this, a catchy uplifting midi tune is playing in the background.Bombjack has two sequels which were also successful, but nothing beat the good old original. The only thing that was missing was the 2 player option but even that was solved in Bomb Jack Twin, where the option was introduced. If you like arcade platform games, this one is one of the best there is.

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