Super Mario Bros 3

Arcade 1988 Nintendo Nintendo Platformer Hop and bop Epic

Save princess Peach and the world!

SMB 3 is another great game from the series that created the nineties - Super Mario. This time, Mario and his brother Luigi are on a very hard task of saving Princess Peach that was kidnapped and held hostage by the evil Bowser and his children the Koopalings. The princess is not the only person the brothers must save - they also must save the rulers of seven other kingdoms of the realm. The two must traverse a total of eight separate regions in order to restore order to the Mushroom World. The gameplay consists of all the elements we all know from Super Mario games - juming on turtles to destroy them, bumping your hear against the ceeling to recieve coins and other powerups, and flower pots that are actually elevators. The graphics and the pretty designs are a trademark of the game - Turquoise colored skies and green bushes in contrast to the brown floor and platforms. Everybody who's ever heard about Mario and his wingman Luigi know how great this game and why the game has become a true classic. For those who don't, I suggest them to get themselves a copy this instant and prepare themselves for a world of fun.

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