Arcade 1998 Windows 1 AM Entertainment Platformer Hop and bop

Addictiveness in its best

Do you have too much time on your hands? Are you looking for a great and fun game that will glue you to the computer screen for days to come? Let me introduce you to Bonkheads - a fabulous and addictive platformer that won hearts back in the late nineties. The gameplay is very similar to the ones in the Mario series, since you have to bump your head against platforms above to destroy the enemies that are coming at you a lot quicker than you can move. The game is huge - you have 144 levels that are all played in different environments - from caves to underwater and much more. The game has proven to be insanely addictive - even more so if you decide to play co-op with another human player. That's where the real fun is! If you think you won't be up to the game, don't fret - you can choose your difficulty. Beware though; even if you choose to play it in Easy mode, you'll still have a hard time clearing the entire game. The graphics are really amazing and the fact that the game is in 2D in 1999 doesn't affect the quality of the game one bit. So, get ready to lose sleep - this fun and entertaining game will take you in and make you play it for days until you're finally finished. Chances are - you'll go and start again as soon as you're done!

You'll need a second player to get the full of it!

The game is very entertaining, the level design is unique and the gameplay is oddly familiar... Ah yes! It has the same controls as in The Mario Bros. arcade classic! However, there are differences between the two games. For starters, Bonkheads has a larger variety of levels (144 total to be exact), divided into 12 sectors (or zones). As you progress in the game, you will treated to different kind of terrain, like a cave or an underwater level. The variety of enemies in Bonkheads is also larger. From bulldogs to racoons to spiders and other enemies that I won't spoil for you. Killing the enemies in the game is like in SMB: you jump at the platform underneath the enemies in order to ,,stun" them and then quickly kick them off-screen before they get up and travel even faster than before. There are a few hidden items for you to find, but you would have to bump your head at the platforms in order to get them. There are even power-ups in the game, but you're better off without them. At the end of each zone, you are greeted to a boss fight. Fighting each boss is like fighting the regular enemies, however the bosses take more damage. After completing the fight, you have the option to save your game, which is a necessity knowing you have to play through 144 levels. Playing alone will certainly get boring later in the game, that's why 1 A.M. Entertainment came up with the bright idea to have a 2 Player Co-Op mode. Playing coin-op is much more fun set on Medium or Hard difficulty level.

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