Bubble Bobble featuring Rainbow Islands

Arcade 1996 Dos Dosbox Acclaim Platformer Single screen Hop and bop

Superb pair of classic platformers

The original Bubble Bobble is a true arcade classic that has actually stood the test of time extremely well, but the lesser known sequel that is included here also makes for supremely entertaining gaming as it brings a whole new feel to things, while remaining true in spirit to its predecessor. The first game is a simple enough single screen platformer, where one or two players take on the role of Bub and Bob bounce their way around a series of levels, catching various monsters with their unique bubble blowing abilities. Once caught in this fashion, the bubbles can then be popped to rack up the points, but leave it too long and they will just escape to cause you an even bigger headache. The sequel mixes things up completely and sees Bub and Bob in their human forms exploring a set of vertically scrolling levels. While the monster catching fun is similar, the twist here is that Bub and Bob can now cast magical rainbows to deal with their enemies. The rainbows have two uses, one being as platforms which can be used to get around, but when they are jumped on, they tumble down the screen, trapping any monsters as they fall. Both games feature plenty of colourful graphics and super cute monsters, and are simply brimming over with personality and charm. However, don't let their appealing visuals fool you as there is a lot of challenge to be found here. The first game features a simultaneous two-player mode which is the best way to play, although Rainbow Islands is sadly restricted to alternate play. However, even in single player mode both games remain ridiculously entertaining, and are perfect for the fans of Bomberman and the like. Check out the even lesser known sequel Parasol Stars too, while New Zealand Story is an equalling entertaining platformer.

Remake of Bubble Bobble plus Rainbow Island sequel

This is a two in one pack containing a remake of the original Bubble Bobble and also containing the next game in the Rainbow Islands series. Thus, if you wanted a nice pack of arcade games these two surely have what it takes to keep you interested for a while! Bubble Bobble is an arcade in which you have to trap some enemies into bubbles and then pop these balloons. Then your other worry is to be as fast as possible, as they can also escape if not handled in the nick of time. The Rainbow Island sequel is a similar games, where the bubbles are replaced by rainbows. Yeah, both these games are kind of silly, for children, but nonetheless they are pretty cool and entertaining for a good chunk of time, so if you're looking for some cool time wasters there can sure be the games you want. Alternatively, see Bubble Bobble 96 or Bubble Bobble Hero 2, a game more suited for people that care a lot more about graphics! Tough, surely, any of these will quench your thirst for silly, action oriented arcade games.

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