Super Angelo

Arcade 1999 Windows Wiering Software Platformer Hop and bop

Meet the long lost cousin of Mario!

Super Angelo is a game that takes its cues from the Super Mario series feeling mostly similar in terms of level design as the first game in the series. The pseudo emulation is however by no means a carbon copy of the original game, and truth be told, it has a unique feel and unique designs for the levels, though, due to their simplicity, you will at times feel taken back to the originals. So, what is it then? Well, if you need to ask what sort of game Super Mario is, then learn that it is a sidescrolling platformer, the ultimate platformer in directness, simplicity, ease to learn to play and harder to mater. The mechanic that makes the game stands out, which is kept in this game too, to a degree is that of the sliding/ rubbery movements. Mario is not your stiff platformer; you have to learn not only to time your jumps, but also to control the game in terms of inertia. This can be tricky to master and at times a bit painful, but nevertheless, it works in making the game a lot harder to sink into, as you'll progress. I do recommend Super Angelo, as it is a great nod to Super Mario 3 but ultimately a game that works with its own levels, a thing to respect. Want to know why it feels so familiar to another PC remake? Well because it is its successor: the simply named Mario game preceded this one and did a great job at it, but definite, this sequel is much more intense and thus more worth playing.

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