Crunchling Adventure

Arcade 1997 Windows AOL Platformer Side scrolling Hop and bop

Unpretentious fun, fun, fun!

Crunchling Adventure is an adventure game at times, at others is more of an action game, and it also manages to be a really fun puzzler also. Expect it to have a bit of that marketing driven thing about it, as boxes of cereals are sprinkled all over, but, for what it's worth, it's not all mindless garbage, some other bits are actually fun. The graphics vary in quality quite a bit, though generally the art style is a bit of a mundane cartoonish European style, with loads of childishness, the kind that people in the late 90s thought would bring them more sale. However, Crunchling Adventure is not quite the soulless commercial game, I think that the developers either were paid quite well, or, just out of a need to drive away boredom, actually put a bit of themselves in here. Yeah, don't expect some jewel in pig skin, at its best the game is about mindless fun, but, nonetheless, it is refreshing to see a game well done even out of a cereal box! Alternatively, see how you like McDonalds Land, a game celebrating the Big Yellow Arches and obesity!

An adventure game for kids

Man, I don't like it when companies that sell products make a game about that product just to sell it more. And this is a game about cereals. But if you forget the fact that this entire game is one cereal commercial, the game is actually fun. Designed specifically for small kids, this game centers around a feud between the Thieves and the people of Crunchium. To settle it, the Cap'n and the Thief chief have arranged an athletic match between a Crunchling and a Thief in three skill - speed, jumping and strength. The good thing is that, as you progress in the game, you get stronger and more adept and the game adjusts itself to your skills, so it gets more and more challenging. Animation wise, the job is really well done. The graphics department are also very nice, so this is visually a very appealing game. The sounds and music are cartoonish, goofy and typical for kids. Well, for a advertising oriented game, the game is very nice and the kids will have a lot of fun while playing it. I have to admit that I liked it although the game wasn't as challenging for me as it is for smaller kids. For other games for kids, try out Hugo or Agent USA.

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