Puzzle 1989 Dos Bill Humphrey Reflex oriented Strategic scope

Board game like strategy; build a numbers empire!

Acquire is a well polished, nice puzzler like strategy game, that is all about numbers play. It is hard to say what the theme is, though economic growth and expansion, irreverent of the specifics, more inclined towards the math. You play the game on a board, with each area having its own value; you play against the PC, looking to take on as many of these areas for you. It takes a whole lot of math to be done in your head (or on paper!) and it takes strategic thinking, knowing what the best move is, and when to take your chance. But, overall, it's nice and interesting, and the best part is that a session doesn't take more than 10 minutes to complete, which makes this a great game if you are looking to fill a small time frame slot with a game that will take you through your intellectual paces. And, more than anything, Acquire is great because, even if the graphics are simple and 8bit DOS looking, that doesn't take anything away from the experience. If you're looking for a lighter but similar experience, go for a game such as Monopoly, which is surely similar in build, but not as strenuous on one's tired brain!

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