Caravel DROD

Puzzle 2002 Windows Caravel Games Item collection Strategic scope

Great update to a classic head-scratcher

The original Deadly Rooms of Death was a hugely enjoyable little puzzler that mixed dungeon exploration and monster slaying to great effect. This is basically a remake which takes the original and updates it slightly but which remains a fun little time-waster. For those unfamiliar with Deadly Rooms of Death, players take control of Beethro Budkin, a hapless little fellow who has been charged with cleaning out the King's dungeon, after it has become infested with all manner of nasty things, from cockroaches and goblins to snakes and unpleasantly oozing liquids. The game simply requires you to manoeuvre your avatar around a series of 2D levels, giving you the option of either moving or changing the direction of your sword with the intention of wiping out all the enemies present by positioning yourself so they will run into it. All the enemies have their own unique movement patterns and behaviour so it takes some studying to understand and predict what they will do, which is where the challenge comes in. Although initially a little confusing, once the game clicks with you it becomes extremely addictive and it requires plenty of careful thought and strategy to achieve your goal. This version is identical to the previous one in terms of gameplay but updates the graphics and sound slightly, while also adding something in which the earlier game lacked and which made it immensely frustrating: automatic saving. If you love complex puzzlers which really test the old grey matter, then this is an absolute gem and this is the version to go for. It's still not particularly visually appealing but it is utterly compelling and will have you hooked for hours.

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