Cyberbox 2

Puzzle 1992 Dos Doug Beeferman Reflex oriented Item collection

Sokoban like; very nice puzzler!

Cyberbox 2 is a Sokoban like puzzler, in which you order around blocks, trying to cut a pathway for you to get to the gems. The idea is that this takes place in confined, intricate maze like areas, and thus, it takes a while to get some of the levels completed. Furthermore, Cyberbox 2 is a definitively well produced game graphically; nope, it's not some color fest, but the 2D simple graphics are easily readable and you never find yourself lost or looking to backtrack, just because you've lost your way around. Overall, the number of different puzzles and levels is high enough, and your puzzling through will keep you going for long hours. It's extra cool, it is relaxing kind of fun, though it can bake your noodle too, at least with some of the areas, especially the later ones, that definitely up the ante quite a bit. So, have it in your brain teaser/puzzler collection; it will definitely not let you down. Furthermore, Cyberbox 2 is a nice game, well produced, and always exciting. It's got all the elements that you need and the sliding mechanic is very well produced and definitely worth it when you want mild brain stimulation!

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