Brian Lara International Cricket 2005

Sport 2005 Windows Codemasters Cricket


The gentleman's game of cricket is brought vividly to life in this sim from Codemasters which is likely to appeal to fans of the real sport, but is unlikely to win over any new converts. The game offers a number of modes, including the officially licensed 2003 World Cup from Africa and the 2004 ICC Champions Trophy, alongside the unofficial Test matches and series. A particularly interesting feature for cricket buffs is the challenge mode which allows players to recreate or rewrite history by taking part in classic matches featuring such legends as W.G. Grace and Imran Khan. Proceedings are viewed as if the player is in the commentator's box, offering a birds' eye view of the pitch, but other perspectives are available including the Hawk-Eye which tracks balls as they are bowled. For anyone in the market for a cricketing game, this is a sound bet. The graphics are realistic, with smooth animation while the commentary really brings things to life. The degree of detail offered by the officially licensed stats is impressive and apart from a few limitations regarding player actions, the game plays a great game of cricket and is sure to be enjoyed by fans. However, the sport isn't for everyone, and if you find the real world game less than thrilling, this is unlikely to change your opinion.

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