Shane Warne Cricket

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Very well-deliberated

Shane Warne Cricket is a 1997 game based on the sports mentioned in the title. It's the last of the series, following another 90s computer game that successfully recreates cricket. Cricket is an amazing and fun game, having numerous attributes that makes it a complex sport. It also enables a thorough development of those that play it: a team spirit blossoming, a certain personality growing, the need to apply a strategic approach and a tactical thought, discipline, and the special ability to guess your opponents intentions. As its title mentiones, in the game you join one of the greatest bowlers in the history of the game, and also the best leg-spinner that has ever played cricket: Shane Warne. The view is from a first-person perspective, that offers a huge freedom when it comes to the visual intentions related to the environment. There are more than 16 camera angles, showing detailed, neat and attractive graphics and a setting very well-done and deliberated. The learning and the development of the batting and bowling skills will be real pleasure especially because of the cool sound effects, that render even the tiny movements of the ball. Before starting, you can design the match however you want to: with the desired weather and pitch conditions, the teams, the number of players, and your squad, bu editing each player. If you want a genuine, addictive and great cricket experience, try it out!

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